mass paralysis agency
REVISION is catalyzing systemic change from the perspective of a successful future.
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Modernity has failed us.

A financial system hostile to life became an end in itself. New technologies are emerging faster than our ideological capacity to understand their systemic implications. Extinction looms from all sides, while we are losing sight of what it means to be human in the increasingly complex social organization of today.

How to constructively think beyond the limitations of immediacy and find narratives that mobilize us from the perspective of a successful future?

We urgently need new systems for transitioning into a present that is free from the threats of a dystopian future. REVISION merges social innovation with emerging technologies and catalyzes rapid systemic transitions▶▷► through federating individual change-agents, institutional representatives, and organizations.

mechanistic ⋙ systemic thinking

reductionism ⋗ complexity
causality ➡ contingency
design ⇨ emergence
scientific objectivity ⇨ situated knowledges

self-assertive ➤ integrative power relations

exclusive ⤗ participatory
competitive ➡ collaborative
dominator ► partnership
anthropocentric ⋟ ecocentric
hierarchy ≻ networks

extractive ⥤ regenerative systems

precarity ⤗ resilience
abstraction ⫸ transparency
externalization of costs ⇨ accountability

REVISION network ➢ ➣ ➤



The NETWORK is a growing body of the best systems thinkers, entrepreneurs, designers, researchers, developers, artists, scientists and policy-makers. The members of the global network organize under specific domains or around specific projects, form CIRCLES, participate in domain specific workshops IRL and URL and are invited to contribute to the open repository of systemic change methodologies, a publicly available commons-based knowledge base.

REVISION enables individuals and organizations to achieve their greatest aspirations through fostering collaboration and turning speculation into action.

Chi Nhadi - What do we want to fight for?
Carla Hustedt - Does technology have a bias?
Anja Henkel - Can Technology be an inclusive force?
Chris Georgen - Technology impact on ethics


mass paralysis agency

CIRCLES are domain-specific research groups that foster collaboration between independent change-agents and organizational representatives through year-round research and shorter design sprints.

REVISION provides infrastructure for facilitating design sprints and CIRCLES (think-and-do tanks) through offline and online platforms. Our international network consists of over 1500 experts and organizational representatives.


There's no common ground
The REVISION SUMMIT is an annual offline event that provides a platform for the REVISION NETWORK members to engage in public debates and initiate transformative action.

Revision Summit 1.0 After Movie


We are doomed. Change is possible.

REVISION exists to enable collaborative action and produce future narratives where we all collectively thrive.